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A Complete Traffic Course Teaching You How To Use Traffic The RIGHT WAY!


Unless you’ve been living under a rock it can’t have escaped your notice just how much buzz there has been the last year around traffic as a ranking factor in Google! At the same time, most people who try it report that it doesn’t actually work and all the hype is nonsense.


Well here’s the deal, they’re right on both counts in a way. Firstly there is no doubt that traffic and CTR is a huge ranking factor in Google but what’s also a fact is that Google doesn’t want you exploiting this loophole which is why they have set numerous traps and filters to ensure that you FAIL in your endeavours!


Figuring out the traffic puzzle can be the most frustrating project you might ever undertake, and I know because I’ve spent in excess of 4000 hours doing exactly that!

TRAFFIC HACKS 2021 - UPDATED February 11 2021

June Update Video 1 Of Traffic Hacks Method


June Update Video 2 Amazing GMB Traffic Hacks Results


June 29th Update Video 3 Insane Google My Business Traffic Hack Results


Google Traffic Hacks 2021

Firstly there is the problem of actually sending traffic at volume. For this, you are really going to need automation, but Google are pretty darn good at sorting real traffic from fake traffic by using pattern recognition and other signatures that the average traffic bot waives like a giant red flag!


You see the average software developer has absolutely no clue what Google is looking for, so they just build another traffic bot that’s doomed to fail. Even if the traffic bot by some miracle was perfect, the chances are that the user would still have no success because they would introduce patterns and signatures themselves in the way they used it.


All in all, it’s no wonder so many SEO’s fail with traffic!


So do you just roll over and throw away the greatest opportunity that Google has ever given us?


Well not if you’re smart NO!



In the past, most SEO’s after trying the new shiny object would revert to the failsafe of building more links, but that isn’t working too well anymore either so what do we do?

The answer is to learn to send traffic the RIGHT WAY
using the RIGHT TOOL! PERIOD...

The answer is to learn what needs to be in place prior to sending the traffic in order to achieve the success you are looking for.


After 4000+ hours of testing and researching Lloyd and I have uncovered what we believe are the most influential ranking factors and foundational building blocks that together with traffic done RIGHT will explode your rankings and brand prominence.


We have encapsulated that research and development into this new course which will show you precisely what SEO’s have been doing wrong and how to put it right. Together with the suite of Tools that Lloyd has created, we believe this is the way forward for 2021 and beyond! It has been working insanely well for us!


The course is constructed in easy to follow video modules with each one being actionable. Each video is kept to between 5 to 20 minutes typically and covers one concept at a time so it’s easy to follow, keeps you engaged and makes it simple to reference for easy access later.

The modules feature proof that the concept ACTUALLY WORKS!


Some of the feedback we got on our last course GMB hacks was that it was difficult to implement the strategies that pertained to traffic. We totally get that, so in constructing this course, we were desperate to ensure you had a solid blueprint that was actionable in every way.

Website Traffic Hacks 2021



We needed to find a traffic bot that could actually live up to it’s claims and deliver the results you wanted. After testing over 20 traffic robots, the majority of which ranged from truly awful to just plain bad we found one that did most of what we wanted. We have included the details of that bot and show you how to get the best out of it in this course.

So for the first time ever you have a blueprint to set up the foundation and send traffic the right way plus the tools to actually DO IT!


You may be thinking I can’t afford to invest in any new courses or tools right now with things the way they are, and that’s understandable. That’s why we are giving you a greater than 50% discount to help during these difficult times that are affecting all of us!


Times are tough right now, and the future is uncertain, but if we are to learn from history we know that things will return to normal and when they do it’s those that are positioned for success that will reap the rewards while everyone else remains frozen and paralysed by fear.


Many SEO agencies are sadly closing their doors permanently as a direct result of the coronavirus, but as sad as it is this does present a unique opportunity! When business resumes it’s normal path as it surely will, our services will be needed more than ever to get those crippled businesses back on their feet and with far fewer agencies around to handle the work we will be strongly positioned for growth. We believe that far from a terrible future, this may be the single greatest opportunity any of us has ever been given to achieve real success and fulfil our full potential.


Don’t be one of those that are paralysed by fear GRAB this deal NOW and get yourself positioned for prosperity!

With 36 + Indepth Videos Covering Everything You Need To Know
About Traffic In 2021 & Beyond!

#TRAFFIC Hacks 2021 Complete Course Outline...

  • Demonstration of Proximity Smashed
  • Google's Image Recognition
  • Introduction To Entities
  • GMB Ranking Factors Overview
  • Optimization
  • Using The Power Of Entities
  • Entity Association In Practice
  • The Power Of Google Earth
  • Breaking Free Of Proximity Limitations
  • Sending Traffic For Keywords You Don't Rank For
  • GMB Ranking With Videos
  • GMB Posts
  • Sending Traffic
Traffic Hacks 2021

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Course Introduction

Demonstration of Proximity Smashed

Google's Image Recognition

Introduction To Entities

Module 1 GMB Ranking Factors Overview -

Video 1 Ranking Factors Overview

Video 2 Ranking Factor Overview Part 2

Module 2 Optimization -

Video 1 Initial optimization

Video 2 Results after optimization

Video 3 Finding additional key terms

Module 3 Using The Power Of Entities -

Video 1 The Power of Associated Entities

Video 2 Identifying Your Power Assets

Module 4 Entity Association In Practice -

Video 1 Entity Association In Practice

Video 2 On Page Entity Association

Video 3 Entity Manipulation Research Using Google Trends

Video 4 Entity Association Through Search

Video 5 Image Manipulation for Poweful Entity Association

Module 5 The Power Of Google Earth -

Video 1 Google Earth Projects

Video 2 Google Earth Traffic

Module 6 Breaking Free Of Proximity Limitations -

Video 1 Stretching proximity

Video 2 Stretching Proximity

Video 3 Breaking Proximity

Module 7 Sending Traffic For Keywords You Don't Rank For -

Video 1 Sending Traffic For Keywords You Don't Rank For

Video 2 Sending traffic for kw's you don't rank for part 2

Module 8 GMB Ranking With Videos -

Video 1 GMB Ranking With Video

Video 2 GMB Ranking With Video Youtube Optimization Results

Video 3 GMB Ranking with Videos campaign results

Video 4 Youtube Rankings update

Module 9 GMB Posts -

Video 1 GMB Posts-Are They Worth The Effort

Module 10 Sending Traffic -

Video 1 CTR Booster Overview

Video 2 Basic Maps Search and Click

Video 3 Maps Search with Knowledge Panel Interaction

Video 4 Yahoo and Bing Traffic

Video 5 Youtube traffic

Video 6 Google Referrer Traffic

Video 7 Other CTR Booster Features

Video 8 Black Hat Traffic with CTR Booster

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