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The ONLY multilingual tool available which camera optimizes your images with EXIF data in bulk. Let Google think that your images are all local images taken with an actual digital camera or mobile phone - perfect for GMB´s.
Oh - and save hours of your life in the process!

Mobile Image Optimization Software

The Only Image Optimization Software Tool That Places You in Any Location With A Mobile Phone or Digital Camera in Your Hand, Whilst Sitting at Your Desk, With Your Hand on A Mouse!!

Want To Increase The Views Of Your GMB Images
By Nearly 7000%  !!

With a simple click and go process, in just minutes you can optimize all of the meta data on hundreds of images to…

  • GEO-TAG for multiple locations
  • City Optimize for multiple cities
  • Optimize with real Digital & Mobile Camera EXIF Metadata
  • Add multiple URL´s to each image
  • Add unstructured citations
  • Add multiple spun articles
  • Optimize Your GMB Listing Images With Mass Optimizer

    GMB Mobile Image Software

    We don´t need to tell you that more traffic = more money. So - I guess you now want to know how to increase traffic??


    By using pretty pictures and stories! Aka Google My Business Posts!


    Okay well maybe not quite like that, but nobody has a website nowadays that doesn´t have images on it to heighten the viewers experience and engagement. It´s also a great way to draw attention to particular sections of your site.


    But there´s no point telling your story if you don´t have anyone turning up to hear it. A poorly optimized site isn´t exactly going to have hoards of traffic bombarding it is it?!


    The good news is that you can change that in a matter of minutes.


    With Mass Optimizer #Version7 you can ensure every single image on your GMB or website is working FOR you.


    Since GMB has been introduced, we all know you need to be scoring those Google brownie points and if Google knows the exact location of your services, it´s going to take you far more seriously.


    By using the Mass Optimizer tool, you can optimise every single image with information including a geotag AND camera EXIF data. This means that in a matter of seconds, each image ranks VERY highly in GMB and keeps Google extremely happy thus ranking you far higher than your competitors.


    More importantly though, it means that having such optimized images with locations included converts to more sales directly. If you´ve optimised your site´s images with Mass Optimizer, your site is literally going to be a sales machine!


    Here´s why you NEED to have those images Mass Optimized!

    Imagine that virtually EVERY SINGLE TIME a search is conducted which you´re a fit for, you´re the first site to be selected.

    Over 90% of information processed by the brain is visual.

    Mass Optimizer GEO Tagging Image Software

    You probably noticed this image before you started reading

    The brain processes a picture 60,000 times faster than it processes text.


    Having an image returned for searches automatically gets you noticed FAR more than your competitors. By adding URL’s to the images too, you can hugely increase the volume of traffic you’ll send to your site, Youtube channel or any other digital platform you want to promote. The amount of flexibility you have with this is crazy!


    If you have clients you’re working with too, you’re going to be very popular very soon as we’re already getting feedback that Mass Optimized images are being clicked 7000% more than they were before. Whether it’s your own business or someone else’s, your profits are going to be going up just as fast as your rankings!

    You Need To Be Visible & Visual

    You´ll already know that if you want your site to be ranking well you need to be visible. But you also need to be visual. If you don't have images on your site now, you're as good as invisible to Google. And just to keep you on your toes, having images on your site isn't enough now either.


    The more meta data that you have in your images, the more equipped Google is to decide whether you're the real deal or not. And promise me - you definitely want Google to think you're the real deal!


    With GMB's (Google My Business) only recently testing us all, we're also now at the mercy of Google's mobile first algorithm. So... this got our cogs ticking here (again!) at Mass Optimizer.


    If most users are viewing sites via mobile, it makes sense that many photo's are now being taken using mobiles. If Google sees that your images are tagged with the EXIF data from mobiles or camera's you're suddenly pretty visible!

    Mass Optimizer Version 7 Image Optimization Software

    Mobile & Digital Camera Optimization Software

    You already have the tools in Mass Optimizer to help you to geo-tag your GMB's easily and in bulk. You can even add multiple locations to them too in bulk so that you have cities attached to your images.


    With the Camera Optimizer tool you now have the ability to add a selection of EXIF data too. In bulk. In minutes


    We created this as we couldn't find this anywhere else! It's a tool currently unique to us. If you want EXIF data adding to your images, you'd usually need to use Adobe Bridge or similar and manually enter the data for each image. Yawn...


    Now, at the click of a button in just a few minutes you can select from Apple, Canon, Nikon, Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Nokia & Google Mobile Camera's over 1200 different models of mobile and digital camera's. Each image will be perfectly Mobile optimized listing the Lens Maker, Lens Model, Camera Serial Number, Contrast, Brightness, Saturation & Sharpness.


    Mass Optimizer Version 7 is not limited to these fields but populating these is definitely going to put you on the map. Literally!

    Bulk Image GEO-Tagging Software

    With over 90% of local searches conducted on Google, you need to be on the map. Literally!

    We all know that if a user searches for a business whilst on the move, that very same search would produce a very different result if they moved just one or two streets away.

    The solution?

  • Mass Optimizer GEO Tagging Image Software
    City Image Optimization Software

    If You Have 10 Images & 10 Locations, Mass Optimizer City Optimization Feature Will Turn Your 10 Images Into 100 Images, 10 Perfectly Mobile, GeoTagged & Optimized Images For Each Location... In Minutes

    City Image Optimization Software

    If you have Multiple Location GMB’s, just the thought of the duplication involved in optimizing the images, is enough to make a grown man cry!


    Hold the tissues though - yet another solution awaits you! Let’s say you have 10 locations and 10 images...


    With Mass Optimizers City Optimization feature, in just minutes, you can turn those 10 images and locations into 100 perfectly optimized mobile-first images which are all GEO-tagged, city and camera optimized

    The Perfect Tool For Marketers Who Have Multiple Location GMB's


    Perfectly Mobile First, Optimized Images Every Time


    Select From 1000's Of Real EXIF Mobile & Digital Camera's


    Automatically Rename .JPG Image Filea to Keyword-City-Name.jpg


    Automatically Add an Unstructured Citation + Website Link To Each Image & For Each Location


    Automatically GEOTAG Each Image For Each Different City/Location Name


    Add Unlimited Tags To Your Image EXIF Data Using Spintax (Spinnable Text)


    Turn 10...20...50...100+ Images Into 100´s if Not 1000´s, Into Perfectly Mobile GEOTAGGED Optimized Images In Minutes

    Mass Optimize Folders of Images In Bulk

    If you’re like me, you’ll be rolling your eyes at the thought of having to find the information for every single image you optimize.

    But Mass Optimizer to the rescue again as it lets you optimize entire folders in one go. If you check out the video you can see that it seriously only takes you a couple of minutes to MASS optimize your images. There’s a reason it’s called MASS optimizer you know…

    With the simplicity of being able to click and go, you just select a whole folder of images and you can label and optimize them collectively so there’s no repetition for you at all.

    With time being so precious these days, having that extra time for you to focus elsewhere in your business is literally adding to your bottom line rather than you losing your mind on repetitive time consuming tasks.

    The beauty of optimizing whole folders at a time is that it helps to keep you more organised too. The nature of the process means that you’ll be able to name your optimized folders in ‘batches’ of images and batching anything is always far more efficient than individual tasks.

    No more playing ‘Needle in a Haystack’ to find that individual image you were looking for. Mass Optimizer will put your optimising processes onto rails and just that factor alone will save you masses of time and consequently money too.

    That’s all assuming you were even optimizing your images at all!

    Want to know more about how you save all of this time?

    Here’s how Mass Optimizer works in 5 quick steps:

    1.   Simply choose a folder containing your images and create a folder to send the optimized versions to.

    2.   Add the Search Terms you want to optimize for - add Comments and URLS, Tags, Geo Location if required.

    3.   If you wish you can upload a .csv file of multiple locations to create images optimized for a whole city, town or region.

    4.   Paste in your article exactly as it is or paste your Spintax (Spinnable Text) to create multiple variations for one or multiple images.

    5.   Rename your images to your Search Terms, save as a Project or click 'Optimize' and you're done!

    Mass Optimize Video Optimization Software version 6.5

    Mass Optimizer Video Optimization Software

    Any webmaster worth his salt knows that videos are where the current money is at.

    So having the ability to create multiple video’s where every single one is optimized and has its own spun article attached to, is a veritable treasure trove!

    Here’s how to optimize your MP4 videos with SEO and keyword rich metadata prior to uploading to Youtube, GMB or embedding on your websites.


    Using exactly the same simple process that we used with images, you can create multiple copies of your video in a folder.


    Re-title each from your list of related keywords, search terms and make every one individual and unique via the 'spun' article option in Mass Optimizer.


    Add multiple URLs pointing to your main website, sitemap or Youtube channel and Mass Optimizer will randomized them for you in output files.


    Upload your new videos to multiple video directories for even more SEO and backlinking juice


    Add your mobile optimized and geo-tagged cover image to your video to give more local relevance to your video

    Mass Optimizer Janurary Sales 2021 Promotion

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    Mass Optimizer MP4 YouTube Video Duplicator Software
    Mass Optimizer YouTube Social Citations Software

    From January 1st 2021 Onwards, Mass Optimizer Pro Will Include Our
    MP4 YouTube Video Duplicator & Our Social Citations As Default.

    Easy & Fast Image Optimization For Higher Rankings

    Super Optimize Every .jpeg In Your Websites For A SEO Boost!

    Your Images Showing Up In Google Images & Google Search!

    SEO Supercharge All Your E-Commerce Sites

    Create Powerful Backlinks From Image Libraries

    Optimize Your Media In ANY Language - Global Domination!

    Quick & Easy Video Optimization For Higher Rankings

    Every .mp4 Embedded In Your Website(s) Optimized Big Time!

    Use On Your Own Or Client's Sites Or Offer As A 'Service'

    Get The SEO 'Edge' Over Any Competition (they don´t have a Tool like this)

    Optimize Your Video Files For Any Target Language

    Higher Rankings = More Views, Leads & Profit For You!

    What About Support? Can I Get Help If I Need It?


    More and more people love MassOptimizer Pro & Our Support


    Okay so we’ve all been there. We get the latest gadget or widget, we get all fired up to use it - you’re properly in the zone ready to take over the world and it doesn’t work how we want it to!


    We’re impatient to get it fixed and weeks go by before you realise your digital saviour isn’t coming.


    Not here my friend! We’ve put a LOT of time and effort into our tool and are happy to say that 99% of the time it runs smoothly. As with anything tech though, every so often a curveball shows up so we pride ourselves on getting you straightened out again quickly!


    We’re not about the sale, we’re about the service! Making sure you get the very best out of any of our software is our mission, and taking a look at some of our existing users comments below shows that we put our money where our mouth is.

    Being as creative as we are, we also love the engagement from our users as we’ll frequently be asked if we can develop a tool to accompany particular tools and we’ll always look into this. If there’s anything you think we may be able to help you with, simply drop us a message we’d love to hear from you.



    Monthly Subscription Increasing to $57.99 February 1st 2021


    1st October 2020

    Mass Optimizer V7
    $ 297 .00 One Time Fee



    • Bulk Image Optimization & GeoTag Software
    • Rename, Optimize & GeoTag .Jpeg Image Files
    • Easily Rename Images from Keyword Lists
    • ONE CLICK Optimization - Whole Folders of Images
    • ONE CLICK GeoTag - Whole Folders of Images
    • Keyword Optimize your Image Metadata
    • GeoTag Add Latitude, Longitude Geo Location Data
    • Unique PinPoint Process for GeoTag Images For Whole Towns, Cities, Districts, Counties & Even Countries!
    • Add Business NAP to Image Metadata
    • Add Website Links To Image MetaData
    • Add Spinnable Articles to Images
    • MP4 Video File Optimization Software
    • ONE CLICK Optimization - Whole Folders of Videos
    • Easily Rename MP4 Vidoe Files from Keyword List(s)
    • Keyword Optimize your MP4 File Metadata
    • Rename & Optimize MetaData of MP4 Video Files
    • Re-Optimize Existing Mp4 Video Files
    • Bulk Image Optimization & GeoTag Software
    • Rename, Optimize & GeoTag .Jpeg Image Files
    • Easily Rename Images from Keyword Lists
    • ONE CLICK Optimization - Whole Folders of Images
    • ONE CLICK GeoTag - Whole Folders of Images
    • Keyword Optimize your Image Metadata
    • GeoTag Add Latitude, Longitude Geo Location Data
    • Unique PinPoint Process for GeoTag Images For Whole Towns, Cities, Districts, Counties & Even Countries!
    • Add Business NAP to Image Metadata
    • Add Website Links To Image MetaData
    • Add Spinnable Articles to Images
    • Image Spinner Utility
    • Google Maps Embed Spinner Utility
    • Facebook Post Embed Spinner Utility
    • Twitter Tweet Embed Spinner Utility
    • YouTube Embed Spinner Utility
    • Bulk Image Cleaner Utility
    • Bulk Image Resizer Utility
    • January Sales 2021 OFFER

    • Promotion Offer Ends February 1st 2021

    • One Single Payment of $297 Only


    • Price After Offer Ends $57 Monthly Subscription


    Built-in Bonuses

    Mass Optimizer Pro Added Bonus Utilities

    As Full-time Internet Marketers ourselves, we know that most so-called 'Bonuses' are just an excuse to waste your valuable time, a distraction at best.

    That's why we decided to add built-in bonus tools to the software to thank our loyal customers. Yes, we could charge extra for them, but sometimes it’s not about the money.

    We like to bring value to our products and services, so by offering a suite of products and bonuses for you, you’ll feel as valued as you are. We know that sounds corny, but tell us that you don’t feel appreciated once you’ve seen how much you have on offer across the tools and bonuses we’ve created with your needs in mind

    We like to bring value to our products and services, so by offering a suite of products and bonuses for you, you’ll feel as valued as you are. We know that sounds corny, but tell us that you don’t feel appreciated once you’ve seen how much you have on offer across the tools and bonuses we’ve created with your needs in mind

    Free Image Resizing Utility

    Easily Resize a Single

    Image or Resize Bulk Images

    Overwrite Existing Files

    Save Files in New Folder

    Resize by Aspect Ratio or

    Resize by Height & Width

    Free Image Cleaner Utility

    Effortlessly Delete All Existing EXIF Data From .JPG Images

    Clean a Single Image

    Clean Bulk Images in Folders

    Overwrite Existing Image(s)

    Save Images to New Folder

    Download Any Image & Make It Your Own

    Free .PNG To .JPG Image Converter

    Convert A Single Image

    Convert Images In Bulk

    Download Any Image & Make It Your Own

    Save Files in New Folder

    Upload To GMBs or Your Website As Your Own Image

    Google Map Embed Spinner - For Mass Page Website Builds

    Simply Mix Google Map Embed Codes

    Add Unlimited iFrame Embed Codes

    Add Different Google Maps to Campaigns

    Copy/Paste Push Button Easy

    Perfect Syntax Every Time Copy/Paste

    Syntax Into Mass Page Builders

    Youtube Embed Spinner - For Mass Page Website Builds

    Easily Spin Embed YouTube Syntax

    Quickly Mix YouTube Embed Codes

    Add Unlimited iFrame Embed Codes

    Add Different YouTube Videos to Campaigns

    Copy/Paste Push Button Easy

    Copy/Paste Syntax Into Mass Page Builders

    Facebook Embed Spinner - For Mass Page Website Builds

    Create Facebook Post Embed Syntax

    Mix Facebook Embed Codes on the fly

    Add Unlimited iFrame Embed Codes

    Add Different Facebook Posts to Campaigns

    Copy/Paste Push Button Easy

    Copy/Paste Syntax Into Mass Page Builders

    Twitter Embed Spinner - For Mass Page Website Builds

    Easily Create Tweet Embed Code Syntax

    Add Unlimited Twitter Embed Codes

    Copy/Paste Push Button Easy

    Perfect Syntax Every Time

    Copy/Paste Syntax Into Money Robot

    Copy/Paste Syntax Into Mass Page Builders

    If you act RIGHT NOW, you get instant access to the PRO or LITE version

    PLUS All The Built-In Bonus Tools for a ONE-TIME PRICE (during this Discount Launch Period only)...

    Frequently Asked Question

    Is this Windows only software?

    Yes, but you can use 'Prallels' or similar if you are a Mac user.

    Do you have a Refund Policy

    Yes of course! You have 2 (TWO) Days to try out Mass Optimizer. If you feel it's not for you simply contact our Supprt Desk and we will refund you in full and we will deactivate your account - please note that this means that your software will no longer work.

    Is this a 'Black Hat' tool?

    Absolutely not! The Search Engines want to know how and where to rank your content so our software facilitates that. BUT any software as powerful as ours is can be misused to 'game' the system. That's your call if you choose that route. We don't judge - it’s each to their own!

    Are there any Upsells or 'One Time' Offers?

    No this is a stand alone offer - refreshing right?

    What are the Built-in Tools you mention as Bonuses?

    These are for more advanced users who use other applications like 'Money Robot' or similar Mass Content building Tools. These might not be for you right now, we get it. But, other Built-in Tools are in the pipeline such as 'Image resizer', 'Auto Youtube Uploader' and more. You will have access to all of the upgrades as they are added.

    Will this software make me money?

    Highly ranked GMB's, Videos and Websites will make you money, depending on your niche and the search terms you target. Our software will help you achieve higher rankings. But as we have no idea of your niche, how you intend to use the software or your work ethic we absolutely make no promises financial or otherwise.

    This looks complicated. Do you offer Support?

    100%! Over and above our 'Fast Response' Support Desk we also provide Video Training to help you get started AND we are constantly adding new Advanced Training tutorials on an ongoing basis. We also have a Facebook Group where you can ask questions, touch base with other users and get the latest Updates and News.

    Do I need any other Tools or Software for this to work?

    No. If you want to use the software to optimize your websites images and campaigns, then you probably have all of the necessary tools in place already. You can use our software without having any kind of text spinning software but if you do, then so much the better.

    Whilst our software happily uses Spintax, it is NOT a text spinner. We do recommend spinning tools in our training area. Any spinning tools you have access to will all work perfectly with Mass Optimizer.