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GetLocal Bonus #1 - Mass Optimizer Free Spinning Tools

As a Thank You for Purchasing, Everyone Receives Free Access To Mass Optimizer Free Utilities Below

As Full-time Internet Marketers ourselves we know that most so called 'Bonuses' are just an excuse to waste your valuable time, a distraction at best. That's why, instead, we decided to add Built-in Bonus Tools to the software - with more being added on a regular basis - to keep you focused and take your marketing to new heights. Here are a few you will have access to today with more to follow in future updates.

The first tools added, below, are for users of Mass Optimizer wanting to move up a level using 'Mass Website Creation' software such as Money Robot AND access to our Buyers Only Facebook Group!

Twitter Embed Spinner

Easily Create Tweet Embed Code Syntax
Add Unlimited Twitter Embed Codes
Copy/Paste Push Button Easy
Perfect Syntax Every Time
Copy/Paste Syntax Into Money Robot
Copy/Paste Syntax Into Mass Page Builders

Image Cleaner

Effortlessly Delete Existing EXIF Data, Clean a Single Image, Clean Bulk Images in Folders, Overwrite Existing Image(s), Save Images to New Folder

Google Map Embed Spinner

Simply Mix Google Map Embed Codes
Add Unlimited iFrame Embed Codes
Add Different Google Maps to Campaigns
Copy/Paste Push Button Easy
Perfect Syntax Every Time Copy/Paste
Syntax Into Mass Page Builders

Facebook Embed Spinner

Create Facebook Post Embed Syntax
Mix Facebook Embed Codes on the fly
Add Unlimited iFrame Embed Codes
Add Different Facebook Posts to Campaigns
Copy/Paste Push Button Easy
Copy/Paste Syntax Into Mass Page Builders

Image Resizer

Easily Resize a Single Image
Easily Resize Bulk Images
Overwrite Existing Files
Save Files in New Folder
Resize by Aspect Ratio
Resize by Height & Width

Youtube Embed Spinner

Easily Spin Embed YouTube Syntax
Quickly Mix YouTube Embed Codes
Add Unlimited iFrame Embed Codes
Add Multiple YouTube Videos to Campaigns
Copy/Paste Push Button Easy
Copy/Paste Syntax Into Mass Page Builders

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Frequently Asked Question

Is this Windows only software?

No, We have members using the Local Maps Optimizer software on VPS's & Mac's.

Do you have a Refund Policy

Yes of course! You have 2 Days to try out Local Maps Optimizer Software. If you feel it's not for you simply contact our Supprt Desk and we will refund you in full and we will deactivate your account - please note that this means that your software will no longer work.

Is this a 'Black Hat' tool?

Absolutely not! The Search Engines want to know how and where to rank your content, our software facilitates that. That said any software as powerful as ours can be misused to 'game' the system. That's your call if you choose that route. We don't judge-each to their own!

Are there any Upsells or 'One Time' Offers?

No this is a stand alone offer - refreshing right?

What are the Built-in Tools you mention as Bonuses?

These are for more advanced users who use other applications like 'Money Robot' or similar Mass Content building Tools. These might not be for you right now, we get it. But other Built-in Tools are in pipeline-'Image resizer', 'Auto Youtube Uploader' and more. You will have access to all the upgrades as they are added.

Will this software make me money?

Highly ranked GMB Listing's and Websites will make you money, depending on your niche and the search terms you target. Our software will help you achieve higher rankings. But as we have no idea of your niche, how you intend to use the software or your work ethic we absolutely make no promises financial or otherwise.

This looks complicated. Do you offer Support?

100%! Over and above our 'Fast Response' Support Desk we also provide Video Training to help you get started AND we are constantly adding new Advanced Training tutorials on an ongoing basis. We also have a Facebook Group where you can ask questions, touch base with other users and get the latest Updates and News.

Do I need any other Tools or Software for this to work?

No, if you want to use the software to build relevance for your websites and campaigns then you most likely have all the necessary tools in place.